I am Elina Giachali and I would like to welcome you in my website.  I coach people, make speeches, write articles and design seminars which motivate and inspire people to take action to achieve their highest goals and create the quality of life they desire, through self-awareness and the connection with their inner power and higher wisdom. My tools are neurolinguistic programming -NLP, neuroscience, Ancient Greek Philosophy and the latest tools Life Coaching has given us.

EnElpis Level 1

Course in Self-Growth and Wellbeing

October 2018 – December 2018

EnElpis Level 3

Course in Self-Growth and Wellbeing

October 2018 -June 2019


Γνώμες και Συστάσεις

  • I was the Experience Team Venue manager for TEDx Patras 2016 "Opportunities". Elina Giahali presented and conducted one of the TEDx Patras 2016 workshops. Her...
  • Οn January 2017, I had the opportunity to attend Elina’s speech regarding NLPYS and goals achievement. At the beginning, Elina, in an unexpected and touching...


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Δείτε αυτό το βίντεο και μάθετε ποια είναι τα 7 σημεία που είναι σημαντικό να…

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Θέλετε μάθετε πως θα κατακτήσετε τον πιο ποθητό σας στόχο; Δείτε το βίντεο και μάθετε…

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Δείτε αυτό το βίντεο και μάθετε πως μπορεί να κρατάτε  υποσεινήδητα τον εαυτό σας στο…

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