About Life Coach Elina

NLP Life & Business Coach, Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur

Elina Giachali (being among the 20 world class entrepreneurs in the book Your path to business success, by H. Fox) believes that all people have in them the talent of creating positive change in their lives in raw form.

What is needed, is for them to develop it from a talent to everyday skill and habit.

To make it part of their everyday way of living.

She coaches people who trust her skills and knowledge, to achieve their personal and professional goals, through strategic planning, and reconnection with their inner power and wisdom.

She has been teaching and training people for more than 15 years. She has been coaching them towards their own path to success for more than 7. She has spoken to crowds of over 300 people giving numerous speeches per year. She is a result-oriented individual, very competent with realizing how the others are driven to their path towards change and what they need to know that particular moment. What drives them to unstuck from their own stuckness. She takes into consideration various factors and various tools when she is designing her course of action, her sessions, her speeches and seminars. From down to earth Marketing and Life Coaching tools to NLP, Greek Philosophy, Motivational Psychology, Neuroscience and the more spiritual Meditation.


What people say…

“Οn January 2017, I had the opportunity to attend Elina’s speech regarding NLPYS and goals achievement. At the beginning, Elina, in an unexpected and touching way shared her personal story and gained the trust and respect of the audience in a flash! Her deep knowledge on the topic she analysed was obvious and was supported with her great passion to use vivid examples. Her impact language in combination with her ability to give audience what they needed was also enhanced by interactive activities such as visualization. Her structured speech as long as her clear way to pass the message make her a genuine motivational speaker who I will enjoy to watch again in the near future.”

Nikos Petikas

HR Consultant & Trainer at PwC

“Elina Giachali is an honest person, teacher and learner at the same time. You can easily communicate with her. She lives is accordance with her values, she has a progressive mind, she is well organized, she has a good sense of humor and gives everyone a big smile.”

Aris Michalatos

Funds Manager, NTL Fund