Public Speaking

The first question I need to ask you if your are interested in having me as a speaker at your company event, is this:

What is the change you want your audience to have experienced, after my speech.

Which is the core point you want them to remember after some time has passed?

The majority of us, we do not need someone to come and change our lives. We need someone to remind us who we truly are and what we can really do. Someone to help us reconnect with our highest and noblest values. Someone we will escort us in our journey to meet again the best version of ourselves. Who we are when we do not act of fear, when we act motivated by creativity, persistence and high morals.

And finally, someone to remind us that small everyday changes can trully lead to a big impressive change towards the improvement of our personal or professional life.

As a speaker, my initial goal is to inform and persuade people that they already have what it takes for them to create the change they need in their lives. My goal goes further than creating a wow moment that will soon fade away. People come to me weeks or months after the speech and tell me:

“I still hear your words in me saying: You can!”

This is what a well-designed speech can do.

In my speeches I make sure to remind each member of the audience that they are a significant part of the whole. That their individual success is the biggest present they can give to their family and the whole society. That each and every one of us can lead by example on his or her way to create the life of exceptional value and quality they dreamed of.

The exact words that make a speech may soon be forgotten.

The decisions that were made during the speech, the emotion that was triggered and the actions that were initiated bring long lasting results, and a connection of the audience with their higher vision and purpose.

What people say:

Οn January 2017, I had the opportunity to attend Elina’s speech regarding NLPYS and goals achievement. At the beginning, Elina, in an unexpected and touching way shared her personal story and gained the trust and respect of the audience in a flash! Her deep knowledge on the topic she analysed was obvious and was supported with her great passion to use vivid examples. Her impact language in combination with her ability to give audience what they needed was also enhanced by interactive activities such as visualization. Her structured speech as long as her clear way to pass the message make her a genuine motivational speaker who I will enjoy to watch again in the near future.

Ν. Petikas, HR Consultant & Trainer at PwC

Elina Giachali is a person with knowledge that goes beyond the worn out standards and  theories and truly manages to make a connection with her audience and motivate them positively.

She is a charismatic speaker, who will speak in accordance with your core needs, and a well informed professional who is aware of the latest trends of the market and the needs of society.

Elina is the key-person for those that need a speaker to motivate their audience, will inspire them to take action to start installing positive changes in their personal or professional lives.

Fereoikos Helix

I was the Experience Team Venue manager for TEDx Patras 2016 “Opportunities”.

Elina Giahali presented and conducted one of the TEDx Patras 2016 workshops.

Her workshop “Your vision is your strenth” was an experiential workshop that received a lot of positive feedback and added value to the core values and theme related TEDx Patras Event “Opoportunities” as via her interactive workshop she led the participants to a path of self discovery and personal goal achievement. She was practical in her approach and made immediate connection with her audience. Her level of professionalism and pleasant personality only made it a pleasure to work with her.


EFL Owner,

Experience Venue Manager TEDx Patras 2016